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TEOXANE Laboratories were created in 2003 in Geneva and are specialised in the conception and manufacture of hyaluronic acid-based injectable dermal fillers.

On the strength of their success, thanks to the high standard quality products and their daily research for innovation, TEOXANE Laboratories are present in over 90 countries worldwide. They are known as an uncontested dermal filler market leader. In few years, TEOXANE Laboratories took over the third worldwide rank among hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers manufacturers.


  • Patented technology
  • Optimal cross-linking process efficiency
  • One TEOSYAL ® product designed for each indication


Physical properties of hyaluronic acid (HA) gel depend on its molecular weight, its concentration and the cross-linking level that confer its filling properties and its volume capability.

TEOXANE Laboratories patented technology (OMPS) enables to have a complete control of HA cross-linking parameters (temperature, environment, purification…), a better HA integrity and a full control of product’s quality. With the control of all these parameters, TEOXANE Laboratories can develop products with progressive and specific rheological properties, more or less concentrated HA gels, offering to doctors a complete range for specific indications.

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  • Complete control of the manufacturing process
  • More than 5-year clinical follow up
  • More than 1.5 million syringes injected


Thanks to the total control of the development and the manufacture process of HA fillers, TEOXANE Laboratories are known for the high quality and the safety of their products.

More than 5-year clinical follow up , more than 1.5 million syringes injected, a rate of reported side effects lower than 1/15.000 (one of the lowest on the dermal filler market) and independent clinical studies show the optimal innocuousness and minimal inflammation degree of injection made with TEOSYAL®  fillers range.


  • Monophasic gels for better resistance against free radicals
  • Long-lasting durability, up to 18 months.


TEOSYAL®  gels are extremely pure, monophasic and homogeneous products enabling a better resistance against free radicals, responsible of the resorption of hyaluronic acid and the decrease of the filling gel effectiveness. (13),(14)

TEOSYAL®  dermal fillers range is known for its durability, one of the longer-lasting on the market*: 12 months on average and until 18 months for the most volumizing products.

An independent study managed by S.J. Falcone et al. and recently published in Dermatologic Surgery (2009), shows that TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep is the longer lasting filler on the market, among 18 commercialized dermal fillers*.


The R&D department is made up of a multidisciplinary team of top-level scientists who work on the development and continuous improvement of our products. To anticipate future needs and practitioners' expectations, permanent medical and clinical monitoring and regular contact with the whole medical profession enable the R&D team to further drive breakthrough innovation.

TEOXANE Laboratories's key assets are their skill and expertise. In few years, TEOXANE Laboratories took over the third worldwide rank among hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers manufacturers.

Some key dates for TEOXANE

2003 : TEOXANE Laboratories creation. Swiss manufacturing facility built in central Geneva.

2004 : Class III CE Mark approval is obtained for TEOSYAL® products. The first products are marketed: TEOSYAL® Meso, TEOSYAL® Global Action and TEOSYAL® Deep Lines.

2005 : Creation of two subsidiaries, TEOXANE France and TEOXANE Germany.

2006 : Production area is doubled in size. New products are launched: TEOSYAL® Kiss, TEOSYAL® Ultra Deep and TEOSYAL® First Lines.

2009 : Launch of TEOSYAL® Ultimate and TEOSYAL® Cosmeceuticals products range.

2010 : Launch of TEOSYAL® PureSense range containing Lidocaine. In 2010, more than 1 500 000 syringes have been injected worldwide*.


Three main values of TEOXANE LABORATORIES to guarantee outstanding gel quality.